The Japan Icing Certificate

Certification of
Japan icing Association 

  • JSA is Japan's first Association for Accreditation of Frost Cookies
    In Japan, more than 5,000 instructors have been successfully trained. It is the largest instructor training group in Japan, the "Japan Salonaise Association", and has officially entered Taiwan with the name "Japanese Salonaise Baking Association"! Since 2018, the association is about to start a series of formal activities. Getting a lecturer certification is not an end but a new beginning. We hope to uphold the philosophy of "turning hobbies into work", continue to promote the spirit of salonaise, and continue to assist lecturers. For this reason, we do not use names such as the "Icing Cookies Association" to name, but we combine the concept of our establishment with the name "Japanese Salonaise Baking Association".

  • 糖霜餅乾講師認證課程

Total Fee 28,400 NTD (Course fee 20,000 NTD , required materials, props, textbook costs 8,400 NTD )
Certification cost 6,000 NTD (Certificates and 3 self-teaching recipes)
Annual meeting fee is 900 NTD The "Icing Cookie Instructor Certification Course" is a content-rich course.

In a total of 12 hours, 16 works of various styles (including large works) will be produced, and at the same time, nearly 61 techniques for making icing cookies will be learned. In addition to the basic techniques of icing in the course, the other is like the production of original biscuit molds, sugar brush embroidering techniques, three-dimensional fondant, crowded flower skills, etc., as well as other reading books that are not easy to learn, will surely follow in order. Learning. In the sixth course, 61 large-scale cookies will be used to prepare for the graduation examination. During the course, we arrange for students to practice various styles of work, such as creating cute, stylish, girlish, elegant, and elegant styles. It is precisely because this training method allows students to easily navigate any style in the future and is not confined to a specific range of works. In addition, the course also has arrangements for trainees to design their own work. In order to allow everyone to have their own originality in the design of courses or sales after graduation, we will also accumulate the design ability of students through continuous training during the course.

  • Sugar Cracker Lecturer Certification Course [First Class]  

It tastes delicious! The most suitable cookies with frosting.
Learn to identify the hardness of sugar cream
The practice of spiral squeezing bag
A way of drawing flowers
Wet drawing (arrow feather pattern, woolen pattern, dots and love)

  • Sugar Cracker Lecturer Certification Course 【2】 

The method of making original biscuit with aluminum plate
Fitting of parts
Master design ability (challenge original design)
Black sugar cream
No sags
3 kinds of wet drawing patterns (leopard, zebra and necked deer) 

  • Sugar Cracker Lecturer Certification Course 【3】 

Use orange pink or mint green, etc., to soften a baby
Make silhouette (animal capital letters, etc.)
Coating method for quilting cotton style
The way to complete a sparkling work
Meticulous lace (double lace, triple lace, CS lace, etc.) 

  • Sugar Cracker Lecturer Certification Course 【4】 

Old fashion style shabby-chic) 4 colors (antique colors)
Extrusion flower shape (daisies, five-petaled, leafy, cornflower)
Extrusion ribbon modeling

  • Sugar Cracker Lecturer Certification Course 【5】 

The coloring method of Tiffany Blue Taking the shape of turning Sugar
Make two kinds of solid lace modeling (fashion lace elegant lace)
Ribbon practice
Flower mould with rhomboidal pattern
The use of Sugar pattern
Mold Methods of using plastic rods and knives
Application method of turning over
Sugar shaped
Brushwork painting (embroidery wind icing) 

  • Sugar Cracker Lecturer Certification Course 【6】 

Graduation examination. Using a large biscuit as a message board (in order to be able to watch it for a long time, use sugar as much as possible, as much as possible, to use the skills learned so far) to make the individual original design of the frosting biscuit. Since this work is also for the graduation exam, several necessary questions will be presented. The finished work is also used by many as the studio's Kanban or the head of the official community website. If you can make a large biscuit design, it will also help to accept the wedding reception card to make orders. Pass the graduation examination of the course, that is, the representative can immediately after graduation as a lecturer to teach (including certification courses). In addition, not only attend every certification course to become successful lecturers, only through the Association's graduation examination can give oneself confidence, and can continue to be active as lecturers in this field. (if the examination has not been passed, the examination will be conducted again on a selective date.)


For these 6 courses, participants must start from the first class in sequence.

No refund for any reason will be accepted after the commencement of the course. Please sign up after careful consideration. If you have to change the date of class in case of necessity, please advise us that after the completion of the 6 courses, you must go through the procedure of certification of instructor of our association. (the certification fee includes 6000 yuan in tax) after the annual membership fee of 900 yuan is registered to the lecturer, it will be sent out by mail in 4 weeks' time to the lecturer of the salonaise Baking Association of Japan (no further certification will be accepted at a later date). We will give the lecturer a present. Contains 3 copies of self-taught recipes, as well as instructor's manual (free of charge). After becoming a certified lecturer, if you want to learn the most advanced technology in the field of Frost Cookies, you can move on to advanced courses. Details of advanced courses are currently being worked out.

Course Registration 

Please pay attention to the letter notice and the telephone notice after the completion of the application for instructor training certification

Taipei Locate : No. 30, Lane 2, Lane 423, Zhuang Jing Road, Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan +886-2-27237086
Taichung Locate : No. 186 to upper South Road, West District of Taichung City, Taiwan +886-4-24711050