Royal Icing Course

The Royal Icing Course

People need gold, the cake has to be Royalty. 

Multi-layer cake printing skills

In this PME certification training, you will be trained in the production of styling eggs with spray gun skills. 

Icing design exercise  

Through the design and teaching guidance of various types of cable, you can increase your competitiveness in the future by designing this kind of training.  

Certificate after the training 

When you complete the PME certification training, the lecturer will directly issue the PME UK certification after assessing the quality of the work and the technology.

  • Basic training
    Complete basic solid training, from the basic basis of fondant drape and operation introduction and practice, with or without experience can gain more experience from the course training, the basic pull line explanation and operation can effectively improve the mastery of the Royal Frost And then for the whole cake design has more refined achievements and results.
  • Advanced training
    The overall cake design training needs to be decorated with a high-grade frosting cable. You will get higher advanced skills through basic training to achieve the design of the overall cable cake.
  • Multi-Layer Cake Design
    In addition to the frosting brushing skills, this training course provides extra guidance on the professional skills of cake printing. Through professional inkjet instruction, you can make the cake more vivid and shine, and it is of great help to commercial use, which helps to save the use of color paste. The same effect is quite worthwhile for the merchants selling cakes. 

Course Photos

Costs for PME certification

PME Training Cost [Standard]

18,200 NTD

PME Tooling Cost [Standard]

 4,900 NTD

PME Book Cost [Standard]

 400 NTD

Acrylic box for multilayer cake display [optional] 

 2,900 NTD

If you need to make an appointment in advance for the selection of the acrylic cake box, you may choose for the non-essential amount. 

PME Sugarpaste course total fee is NT$23500 (If you have choose acrylic cake box, total fee is NT$26400)

The three-day intensive shift is from 10 am to 18:00.

Enquiry timetable and submission of application

The following forms can be used to check the time of training and apply for application. When the application is completed, there will be a contact person.

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