OEM & ODM Products

Product Related Information

Professionally provide related materials for fondant consumption in Taiwan, one-stop service, R&D and manufacturing mass production technology, specializing in providing ODM for fondant-related materials designed by customers, helping customers to improve the quality of brand products and qualified Taiwanese products. The laboratory certified by the TFDA Health and Welfare Department conducts testing.

Fondant & Gum paste

Provide customers with high quality fondant raw materials manufactured in Taiwan, and can adjust the taste, color, hardness and hardness according to customer needs, assist customers to produce their own brand of fondant and improve customer competitiveness.

Full Customized Tylose

  • Provide customers with a full range of ODM manufacturing Tylose powder, can be adjusted according to customer-specified hardness values, and have professional refining technology to enable customers to get the perfect Tylose powder effect.

  • Meringue & Egg powder

Meringue & Egg powder, which is specialized in icing, can be formulated according to customer's specifications. Meringue & Egg powder developed through precision equipment has non-fading and more stable use characteristics.

  • Royal sugar frosting special powder

  • Providing high-end customers with the most perfect royal granule special protein powder, accepting customers' customized design ODM manufacturing, providing the highest purity products of commercial products, making customers more competitive in the market

Not only these, all the cake decoration products on the marketㄝ,
We can all be fully customized.
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Focus on our profession

Professional research academic staff

Provide material physical plane development and test material physical properties, so that its products can provide customers with a complete customer-wide design development and manufacturing.

Professional technical advisory services

Hire a professional technical consultant to guide and correct the product, and the technical consultant provides customers with complete solutions for related materials free of charge.

TFDA certified laboratory cooperation

The customer's products will be analyzed and tested in cooperation with the TFDA Health and Welfare Certification Laboratory to ensure that the customer's products comply with food safety regulations.

BE A Cake decoration industry TSMC

From the research and development to the mass production, we manufacture a full-service customer-oriented service. Taiwan's only us to make it great.


We have integrity and confidentiality for any ODM product of our customers, and do not leak customer's customized information.

On time

In the face of customer requirements, our mission must be reached, delivery to customers on time, so that customers get the most complete timeliness


Provide customers with global solutions that make it easy for customers to export to the world of marketing

Production and test report services