PME Certificate Course

PME Certificate Training

The world's top cake decoration certification training provides three areas of education and training. Those who do not have experience can participate. Through solid technical guidance and patient training, professional cake decoration techniques can be obtained. We also sincerely welcome overseas students and provide Qualified places for technically qualified students are certified as British PME teachers.

PME Sugar Paste

Using tools, with the sculpture sculpture, learning candy lovers and modeling cakes, based on practical skills, after the training to obtain certification.

PME Sugar Flower

The study and skill of sugar flower, combined with pragmatism and art, increase the value and artistic level of the work.

PME Royal Icing

Through training the icing skill, it is applied to participate in the training content of cake decoration contests in various countries.

About the Master certificate.

After completing the above three certifications, you can apply for the MASTER certification. Please note that the MASTER certificate is a certificate to complete the three certifications. The teaching still needs to pass the PME teacher certification before you can perform the teaching. 

Choose PME with DAFU

Corporate and International Teachers

The instructors have obtained the gold medal of the World Cake Contest or have been screened at the professional technical level of international companies.

Provide employment and entrepreneurship

Provide professional and technical guidance for employment and entrepreneurship, and the enterprise-based business model will make your future more broad.

Become The PME certified teacher

After professional evaluation, excellent talents we give and help you to obtain PME teacher qualifications.

Over 60 Years PME Cake Art 

Beyond 60 years of cake decoration art heritage. Cake decoration technology still has a place in the market so far. 

Witness of PME

Once an office worker or housewife, they are now cake decorators with professional skills. 


Taiwan / PME Certified Teachers

Originally engaged in the work of the GIA Diamond Appraisers, he opened the dream of my life after touching the cake decorated with sugar. Through training, he became the PME international certification teacher, making people more fulfilling.


Singapore / Opera Art Cake Shop

Originally a housewife, usually with two children at home, through the PME certification training, from the total will not operate a cake shop so far, not only stable income can accompany children.


Taiwan / PME Certified Teachers

Originally employed in the Japanese company as a back office, because of the love of baking, contact with the British PME certification training, solid learning and practice, the smooth acquisition of teacher qualifications, and then coaching more baking staff. 


Malaysia / Pastry Chef

The baking dessert technology is changing with each passing day. I have chosen ̇ British PME certification training to allow me to have more rich cake decoration ideas that can be used in the original work and more favored by the boss.

PME Certification Training