Squires Kitchen(UK) Certificate Course

No need to travel to the UK now 

Trained in Taiwan to obtain the UK SK certificate 

SK(UK) Certificate Training

The world's top cake decoration certification training, providing five areas of professional education. The course is free to have any experience in baking and decorating. Through solid technical guidance and patient training, you can get professional cake decoration technology. We also sincerely welcome overseas students, and offer qualified places to give technical excellence to the students, certified to become a British SK teacher.

SK Sugar Paste

Candy Bar - A complete dessert set for all fondant and dessert decorating applications. Based on practical skills, they will be certified after training.

SK Model Paste

Puppets - Learn to mold dolls, apply to the basics and events of the fondant tricks, add rich and vivid elements to the dessert. 

SK Sugar Flower

Learn the techniques of wafers and auspicious flowers in two different materials, combining pragmatism and art to enhance the value and artistic level of the work and give higher value. 

SK Icing Cookie

Icing Biscuits - the cornerstone of dessert decoration, from simple biscuits to complex carvings, learn more about the expertise and business knowledge of icing biscuits.

SK Royal Icing

Royal Sugar Cream - Dreamy technology, through training and practical training of icing cream, applied to the training content of the national cake decoration contest.

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Corporate and International Teachers

The instructors have obtained the gold medal of the World Cake Contest or have been screened at the professional technical level of international companies.

Provide employment and entrepreneurship

Provide professional and technical guidance for employment and entrepreneurship, and the enterprise-based business model will make your future more broad.

Become The SK certified teacher

After professional evaluation, excellent talents we give and help you to obtain SK teacher qualifications.

Become an emerging international star - SK 

SK (UK) has thrived in recent years to recruit the world's top talents. 

The world-famous fondant master, the world's sugar master is a teacher of SK.

Witness of SK

Once an office worker or housewife, they are now cake decorators with professional skills. 


Hong Kong / SK Certified Teachers

Originally engaged in the work of the GIA Diamond Appraisers, he opened the dream of my life after touching the cake decorated with sugar. Through training, he became the SK international certification teacher, making people more fulfilling.


Japan / Cake contest player

Through the professional skills that SK has learned, you can increase your professional skills and add more points to the cake event.


Taiwan / SK Certified Teachers

Originally employed in the Japanese company as a back office, because of the love of baking, contact with the British SK certification training, solid learning and practice, the smooth acquisition of teacher qualifications, and then coaching more baking staff. 


Malaysia / Dessert workshop

Apply SK professional technology to professional dessert products, increase the richness of products, make customers more like our products, increase customer repurchase rate and performance growth. 

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