JSA Certification

"Make your hobby into work" Take salonaise as a life career and bring it to the world 

Certification of  Japan Association 

"Make your hobby into work" Take salonaise as a life career and bring it to the world 

Icing Instructor Certification Course

The "Icing Cookie Instructor Certification Course" is a course with a wealth of content. In the 12 hours of total time, 16 works of various styles will be made, and at the same time, nearly 61 techniques for making icing cookies will be learned. 

Jelly Instructor Certification Course

Currently developed in Japan by the JSA Baking Association, which has cultivated more than 9,000 instructors in Japan,  The Art Jelly Instructor Certification Program allows you to qualify as a lecturer in Japan even in Taiwan. 

Lollipop Cake Instructor License Course

Needless to say, it has a cute appearance, a size that is easy to enter and easy to carry, and a lollipop cake that can be eaten without having to cut it, and enjoys a high popularity among children. 

Meringue Certification Course

Based on a variety of traditional methods of learning in the UK, combined with JSA's original "Gum Cream Technology" system course. In the research and development of the course content, in addition to focusing on creating a crisp and unpleasant taste, the details of the shape are also very particular. 

Icing Instructor Certification Course 2

This course is designed for courses that have become certified instructors at the Japan JSA Baking Association. If you have not yet become a JSA Certified Instructor, please start with a regular icing course. 

Soap Instructor Certification Course 

The JSA Handmade Soap Certification Program is expected to take the instructor qualification in just 4 hours, even for beginners. ※Before you are a beginner or an experienced friend, you can sign up. 

Macaron Lecturer Certification Course

The styling macarons instructor license program allows you to qualify as a lecturer in Japan even in Taiwan. The course planning is perfect. In just 12 hours, the students will learn 44 techniques by making 16 works. 

WAGASHI Certification Course

With a history of more than 1,000 years, it is a reflection of Japanese traditional culture. The captured four seasons are concentrated and displayed on the small and lovely WAGASHI. It is only in the long history of the Japanese under the unique delicate and sensual temperament. 

Choose DAFU JSA certification

Corporate and International Teachers

The instructors have obtained the gold medal of the World Cake Contest or have been screened at the professional technical level of international companies.

Provide employment and entrepreneurship

Provide professional and technical guidance for employment and entrepreneurship, and the enterprise-based business model will make your future more broad.

Become The JSA certified teacher

After professional evaluation, excellent talents we give and help you to obtain JSA teacher qualifications.

Witness JSA training

I used to be an office worker or a housewife, and now they are all professionally decorated cake decorators. 


Hong Kong / JSA instructors

Originally engaged in the work of GIA diamond appraisers, after opening the fondant cake decoration, I opened the dream of my life, and became a JSA international certified teacher through training, which made people more fulfilling.


Taiwan/ JSA instructors

I used to work in a Japanese company, because I loved baking, and after I received the certification training from JSA in Japan, I had a solid study and practice, and I was able to successfully obtain teacher qualifications and coach more bakers.

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